Top 5 Best Android apps of 2018, You should use it


Best Android apps of 2018 | if you are looking for best android apps of 2018 you are in the right place you have found the right article which will help you to find out most awesome android apps in 2018 which is available on google play store so let’s get started.

01. Vimage (Unreleased)

This app is not yet fully released But this is working very well. here you can add wonderful, super-realistic looped effects to your photos.

02. Vyng Video Ringtones

Instead of hearing the same ringtones every time you receive a phone call, Vyng plays super awesome videos as your ringtone for every call.

03. Lens Distortions® (Unreleased)

This app is also in development mode.The app is very easy to use because it wasn’t developed to be an all-in-one editing suite. it does only one thing (add lens/light effects to your photos), but it does it amazingly well.

Lens Distortions®
Lens Distortions®
Developer: Lens Distortions
Price: Free+
  • Lens Distortions® Screenshot
  • Lens Distortions® Screenshot

04. Keyboard Shortcuts and Commands

It is one the most amazing apps and also it is my favorite app basically this app for various IDE and software and commands keyboard shortcuts.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

05. QuickLyric – Instant Lyrics

With the help of QuickLyic, you can easily find the lyrics on any music. QuickLyric is the lyrics finder that is the most pleasant to use. Get rid of all the hassle and instantly access your favorite lyrics. On top of that, QuickLyric makes it easy to store lyrics for offline access and supports synchronized lyrics (karaoke).

QuickLyric - Songtexte, sofort
QuickLyric - Songtexte, sofort
  • QuickLyric - Songtexte, sofort Screenshot
  • QuickLyric - Songtexte, sofort Screenshot

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