How to become a Successful affiliate marketer (Step-by-step guide)

how to become successful affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketing is becoming more and more popular as a great way of making money online. Many people who are entering this model of business tend to have an unfitted mindset for it.

Affiliate marketing often is not a way to earn easy and quick money.

Becoming a Successful affiliate marketer requires the right mindset and work ethic. Fortunately, here you can find 6 main steps you have to take to walk into the amazing world of affiliate marketing.

Let’s start!

How to be a successful affiliate marketer


Before doing anything else, it’s really important to decide which niche suits your interests best and which niche will be your core in creating content.

If you don’t pick out one, you won’t be able to target the audience correctly and build your site around it.

This step is probably the most important because it’s the groundwork of your affiliate marketing career.

Understandably, it can be quite difficult to choose the right niche but do not worry!

Here are some tips for choosing an affiliate marketing niche

First of all, ask yourself – what are you passionate about?

Because it’s obviously so much easier to work on something that you love and honestly enjoy.

Not to mention the amount of knowledge you usually have on things you’re passionate about.

find your niche

Another question you should ask yourself – is the niche at least somewhat profitable?

You should also choose a niche in which you can write 100 or more articles or posts.

It has to be wide and deep enough to create lots of content about it.

The amount and quality of the content you’re creating is vital for the attraction of the audience as well as for search engine optimization.

Choosing a niche that has no room for more affiliate marketers is sometimes a bad idea too.

This happens a lot with really popular topics (eg. weight loss or makeup) because they already have hefty amounts of affiliate marketers promoting their products.

So before choosing your niche, make sure that you have a chance to be heard and seen among other giant affiliate marketers.


You’ve probably heard it a lot and it’s applicable everywhere, but planning and strategizing is really the key to sustainable success.

Two major aspects that you need to establish our time frame and strategy.

Having the skill of time management is vital nowadays so make sure that you have your schedule figured out.

When you start, affiliate marketing probably won’t be your main source of income or your main job and activity.

But if you want to build it into something successful you have to make time for it on the daily bases – at least 3 hours a day.


Once you figured out your niche and set up a plan, it’s time to analyze the market and find out what kind of and how many affiliate programs are out there?

Choosing the right affiliate program is not an easy task as it requires in-depth research and comparison of alternatives.

Finding which companies have affiliate programs is not so hard though, because they usually have “Affiliate Program”, “Affiliates” or “Partners” written on their header or footer.

So when you finally come to choosing an affiliate program, answer these questions to yourself:

what type of brand (merchant) issued the affiliate program?

Can it be trusted and does it have a good reputation?

What’s the commission rate?

Is it competitive enough?

Do you mind being associated with the product/service?

What kind of support system does the program have?

Does it have a manager you can talk to?

Are the reviews from other promoters good or bad?

Another important aspect of researching the affiliate programs is testing out the products.

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Even if it has a great commission rate, a wonderful support system, and a good reputation, maybe you just didn’t find the product/service useful or appealing?

That actually can happen a lot because not every product that has seemingly great attributes and social presence will be suitable for you and your audience.

So if you recommend it without trying it can turn out to be a fiasco.


If you want to do a little research on your competitors it’s not hard to do.

You can start by joining various affiliate marketers forums and platforms as well as just reading the blogs of such marketers.

Not all of them, though, reveals that they’re affiliates to their audiences.

But you can sometimes recognize that by analyzing the banners on their website or the links there embedding – they usually are not clear and have the affiliate’s ID.


If you don’t have a platform already set up, this step is really important for your content.

But fear not, because setting up a website is not as hard is it may look.

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You’ve probably already know how important content is to an affiliate marketer.

You can choose different affiliate strategies, only use banners or only use text links in forums, but when it comes to the most profitable affiliate marketing strategy – it’s creating great and steady content.

I will not go into details about why content matters, but we’ll focus on what can the content consist of instead.

Your affiliate marketing website could be for reviewing products.

This is done often and can be really profitable. But your reviews have to be honest and your audience should know that you’re getting a commission if they click on the link.

content is the king

The niche that you’re writing in has to be broad and have many different types of products.

Simply writing a blog can be profitable too.

There you can discuss problems, latest news, techniques, questions, etc. related to your niche and simply blend in the affiliate text links for products which might solve the problems you’re talking about.

For example, if your niche is Blogging, obviously there are a lot of issues and problems Bloggers usually have, like website design, expensive price of theme, hosting, Hard to rank search engine and so on.

You can be the one to help solve them! If you have the ability to write interesting and engaging texts – blogging is a really great alternative for affiliate marketing. And it’s useful for SEO (search engine optimization) too!

Banner ads are not technically part of the created content, but it’s a part of the whole website and promotion.

A lot of affiliate marketers (especially beginners) like putting up banners because they are usually provided by the merchants and are easy to use.

You can put the banners up in your own website, but if you think it doesn’t have enough traffic yet, you can also try to place them in some other highly trafficked website related to your niche.

Email promotions is also a good way to market your affiliate products because it’s personal and builds up a relationship.

But you have to have a solid list of emails that are of your target audience!

When you have the list, all you have to do is send personalized emails with short but engaging text in which you have to put the affiliate links.

Don’t miss out on guest posting as well! Choose blogs and sites that are of your niche and are highly trafficked.

The niche of Blogging, technology has many many blogs and bloggers, who are really onboard with guest posting.

It’s a good strategy for beginners because you can use someone else’s audience for your gain.

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Getting in front of a big audience is a great start because you can show your knowledge and expertise on the topics of your niche and drive traffic your way.

A lot of affiliate marketers also use paid advertising to generate traffic.

If it’s done correctly, it can be very profitable but it’s very important to read Terms of Service of the merchant affiliate program before carrying out any paid advertising strategy, as some of the merchants don’t allow it.


This step may sound silly, but if you want to succeed as an affiliate marketer, especially in the niche of blogging technology, you have to constantly create, improve, promote and analyze!

Only by taking the time to do that you’ll start seeing money flowing into your account.


Making your way as an affiliate marketer may seem hard at first but let’s hope that this guide will help you along the way!

By choosing your niche you can be sure you’re on the right track.

Just don’t forget that by creating a smart plan & an engaging website, writing good quality content and rightfully promoting affiliate products you’ll probably become a profitable and trustworthy affiliate marketer.

Good luck!

“I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.”
– Thomas Jefferson


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