Top 5 useful SEO Tools that will help you to analysis your rank in google

best seo tools of 2019

If you want to rank in Google, Bing or any search engine, SEO is one of the most important factors.

Nowadays SEO is not so easy a task, especially if you are beginners in the online world.

Today I am going to tell you to top 5 Best SEO tools of 2019 that will improve your SEO rank in google

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Here is the best SEO tools of 2019

1. Google Webmaster Tools

This is a product of Google and is used very often for various SEO actions.

It’s a free tool and helps to improve the most important aspects in order to optimize the search engine.

As an example, webmaster tool can be used to check the speed of your page as well as how your page appears in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

So basically, by using this tool you can improve your site’s usability and rank in the search engine, which will lead to higher traffic and a bigger audience in the long run.

google webster tools
Google webmaster tools

2. Adwords Keyword Planner

Planning keywords is essential for SEO and affiliate marketing as well.

It helps you carry out research based on your specific niche or product that you promote and is suitable for comparative

For using AdWords Keyword Planner you will need an account but it’s completely free.

This tool will help you plan specific and targeted Adwords campaigns and carry out the competitive comparison, which will enable you to drive targeted audience and stand out among affiliate competitors of the same niche.

Google keyword Planner
Google keyword planner

3. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a very useful and popular tool for all kinds of online businesses, so it’s no surprise it’s useful for SEO and affiliate marketing as well.

You can use it to track your traffic, to analyze from which channel it came from, where the user landed and from where he exited.

You can also track the time spent on your site’s pages, the bounce rate, conversions made, goals reached.

It’s also useful to compare time frames, the demographics of your target groups and so on.

To sum it up, Google Analytics helps you find out which pages are performing well and which aren’t.

Also, it will let you know which traffic source is the best for you in terms of driving the biggest amount of audience to your site.

Overall, Google Analytics can help you target your campaigns and actions more precisely and in a more thorough manner.

Google analytics
Google Analytics

4. Semrush

This tool has many features, but its focus is on keyword research and competition analysis.

It’s especially great for affiliate marketing because the competition is ruff and tracking it is vital.

SEMrush helps analyze the actions of your competitors, the keywords they use and how those keywords perform.

If your activity is widespread among various countries, SEMrush can provide data from various markets and regions.

Basically, SEMrush is another useful tool which helps you carry out ever-useful competitor analysis and improve your search engine ranking.


5. Fruition’s Google Penalty Checker

As you probably already know, Google changes their algorithm pretty often.

That is a true headache for SEO, especially when their rankings suddenly drop.

This tool helps you analyze what caused your rankings to decline, for free, which will always keep you on track, ready for sudden changes and will make you drastic change-proof in the long run.


Bonus SEO Tools

Here is the bonus SEO Tools for you BestSEOTools

BestSEOTools have up to 50 SEO Tools like article rewriter, plagiarism checker, XML sitemap generator, backlink checker, Keyword Position Checker and more.  


I hope you found this article helpful use these tools and I hope these 5 Best SEO tools of 2019 will help you a lot in your Search engine ranking.

Leave a comment which SEO tools you like most and share this article with your friends.

Good Luck!


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