5 Genuine Ways to Make Money With Your Website or Blog

genuine way to make money online

Having a website or blog is a must if you want to promote your business or share your professional advice to the world. But what if I tell you that you can start earning money organically with it?

Keep in mind that there are many ways to monetize your website, some more complex than others. Therefore, I will only teach you the most basic and simple methods that will allow you to receive enough money to help you with the rent.

Here is the best way to make money with your blog

1. Recommends other websites and services

Affiliate marketing looks for exchange links to win organic visits or purchase a product. Every time one of your followers clicks on the affiliate link, you will earn a small percentage previously negotiated.

When you reach a powerful web traffic, you can negotiate with others to create promotional content and thus earn money.

Producing reviews of a product or service online not only increases user confidence but also allows you to expand your business opportunities.

affiliate marketing

Here are some popular Affiliate Networks that you should join

  • CJ Affiliate – There are thousands of products to promoting
  • Click bank – It is also a very popular Affiliate program
  • ShareASale – One of the most popular affiliate network Related to Items of clothing, accessories or more.


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2. Advertising for cash

Another magic formula for earning money due to ads is Google Adsense.

You can choose what type of advertising you will show on your website and where you will place it (Adsense will give you a code that you must paste on your web).

Once this is done, Google will pay you a small commission if a user enters your website and clicks on the advertisement.

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Here are some popular Ads Networks

google ads

3. Selling, winning, triumphing

Selling quality products that touch the themes of your website or blog will help you earn money directly.

However, this involves a more complex marketing strategy than simply placing a “buy me” button. Devising a product that is profitable involves production, distribution and promotion costs.

Based on the experience of Penny Salsevieri, CEO of the Huff Post, you have to know how the internet market works in order to enter it.

Use all available resources to stay up to date with all trends so you can attract your ideal buyer.

4. Accept Donations

If you do your job well and have a solid number of visitors, it’s not a bad idea to accept voluntary donations.

It’s not a question of asking for money, but of having the internet users help you to maintain the good quality of your website.

As you can see, making money online takes dedication and a lot, but a lot of love.

Work hard, give it time and you will see how your business opportunities grow on your website.


5. Help other websites with their leads

Who says there’s no strength in unity? In this case, you will make money thanks to your work and, by the way, you will help others.

Wendy Connick, from The Balance Career, comments that leads are a person’s prospect that potentially matches that of a buyer of the product/consumer of the content you generate.

If you have a website with enough traffic and a juicy list of leads, you can exchange it with another blog related to your niche. See? Everybody wins!

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So, I hope you understand these are the top best way to make money with your blog. Follow these step and monetize your website, start earning now. if you have any question regarding this post please comment below.

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